2015, Thu, Jan 292015, Sat, Jan 31

El Camino Del Hardcore - DJ. Audio $var

with: Goodiepal

Drop-In or Drop Out! Be prepared for three truly unique evenings with the ever so idiosyncratic Goodiepal in his durational performance-installation at transmediale 2015 which is a continuation of his acclaimed El Camino Del Hardcore - Rejsen Til Nordens Indre… (2009-12).

This piece was originally developed as a philosophical travelogue presented as a publication and as hand drawn wall posters together with a series of audio_replies by the artist, responding to questions about the work. The focus in this new installment lies on the way that technological inventions such as the Internet has formalised knowledge and the capability of the human psyche to imagine things beyond this formalisation.

In order to reclaim a space of imagination, also in our relation to technology, Goodiepal has for years been engaged in the creation of what he calls “unscannable” objects and practices. The publication of El Camino Del Hardcore follows this logic in that it is constantly evolving, handmade and not available online, contains encrypted texts and is assembled from the author's sometimes incomplete personal memories. In the multi-format performance of this work, the artist toys with the idea of leaving the Internet, an almost impossible task in our informational society and an at once poetic and emblematic response to our festival theme of CAPTURE ALL.

More information: transmediale.de