2015, Sat, Mar 28 and 2015, Sun, Mar 29

Workers leaving the market

Part 2: Selection, editing, postproduction

Natural History Museum, Lodz 2013, film still | © Magda Kulak

Natural History Museum, Lodz 2013, film still | © Magda Kulak

This two-part film workshop invited adults to undertake a creative examination of their current or former work. Participants used their cell-phone and other digital cameras.


Markus Bauer works as a documentary filmmaker, editor, film curator and projectionist in Berlin. He studied media arts with a focus on precarity /new forms of work in Zurich and montage at the FilmArche in Berlin. He took part in the fim workshops run by Antje Ehmann and Harun Farocki in conjunction with “Labour in a Single Shot”. His contribution to the project is entitled Rechenzentrum II.

Katja Berls is a writer and director for film and TV productions and also runs workshops in the fields of art and the media. She studied media culture in Hamburg and film direction at the FilmArche in Berlin. She has realized TV reports for the Arte magazine “Kurzschluss”, among others. Her documentary film “Außen Frieden, Innen Krieg” (“Peace Outside, War Inside”) is currently in post-production.

In Cooperation with filmArche e.V.

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