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2014, Fri, Oct 31

Curatorial Things

Day 2


Section 2: Performing Things

10 - 11h Anselm Franke: How to Step out of the Frame? Ontological Difference and Limits of Decolonization in Exhibitions

11 -12h Leire Vergara: Touching the Curatorial: On Collective Processes of Making Sense

12 - 12:30h Kaffeepause

12:30 - 13:30h André Lepecki: Thing / Dance / Vagueness: Choreographic Challenges to Curating

13:30 - 15h lunch break

Section 3: Doing Things

15 - 16h Katharina Weinstock: Re-Arranging the World – Surrealist Object Practices

16 - 17h Kerstin Schankweiler: Contexts of Mobilized Things. Exhibitions and the "Difference within"

17 - 17:30h coffee break

17:30 - 18:30h Clémentine Deliss: Collecting and Curating Life’s Unknowns: Past Ethnography and Current Art Practice