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Entre nós (Sheep's Clothing)

D: Paulo Morelli

Entre nós (Sheep's Clothing), film still | © Promo

Entre nós (Sheep's Clothing), film still | © Promo

Brazil 2013, 100 min, English subtitles

A group of young people spends an emotionally charged weekend in a remote country house. They write letters to themselves and bury them there, promising to return in ten years to dig them up. When they finally reunite, painful memories are awakened, long-concealed dreams and passions are unearthed anda dark secret is revealed. Director Paulo Morelli (“Cidade dos Homens”/“City of Men”) developed the screenplay, which is brought to life by a strong ensemble, in collaboration with his son Pedro.
Starring Júlio Andrade, Caio Blat, Carolina Dieckmann, Martha Nowill, Maria Ribeiro, Lee Taylor and Paulo Vilhena.