2014, Thu, Oct 16 and 2014, Fri, Oct 17

Tea Garden

with Benjamin Alexander Huseby and Denise Palma Ferrante

A Matter Theater | © Sholem Krishtalka, 2014

A Matter Theater | © Sholem Krishtalka, 2014

Benjamin Alexander Huseby (artist, Berlin/London/Oslo) in collaboration with Denise Palma Ferrante (food enthusiast, Berlin)

A sensory and material situation, herbarium and tearoom, where a collection of wild-foraged and locally grown leaves, flowers, seeds, and fungi are available for bespoke botanical infusions. Individual consultations ensure that every tea is blended to guests’ needs, taste, and mood. Temperament and temperature determine the experience, gently initiating guests into longstanding traditions of fortification and restoration centered on drink—from magic potion to elixir of life, ritual beverage to sign of hospitality.

Thanks to: Rein Vollenga, Sean Woodard, Akiko Watanabe, Sara Mathiasson und Natasja.