Lectures and talks

Laboratory IN TRANSIT 06

Body Identities | Body Politics | Achilles in Vietnam

Sat, May 27, 2006
2.30 pm
Free admission

In the In Transit Lab 06 the notion of body culture will be discussed by artists and scholars from Brazil, India, Europe, Africa, the USA and the Middle East. They describe and discuss an open horizon of cultural variety, which forms resistance to the rationality of modernity up to now.


Lin Hwai-Min and Sarat Maharaj

Body Identities

How can we incorporate traditions of knowledge from various cultures in a contemporary language of dance? Can cultural identity come from within the body?


Lia Rodrigues and Johannes Odenthal

Body Politics

The body in a state of war: dance as a possibility for communicating social and political conflicts.

Portuguese - English


Jonathan Shay and Frank Raddatz

Achilles in Vietnam: Mythical Images as a Way to resolve Conflicts

Jonathan Shay has treated war traumas with the world of mythology in Homer’s Illiad. Is the clash of cultures, the destruction of the ‘Other’, a concept of monotheism?

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