Lectures and talks

Laboratory IN TRANSIT 06

Culture and Development | The New Cultural Centres | New Ways to Make Art

Fri, May 26, 2006
10 am
Free admission
Sarat Maharaj, Laboratory IN TRANSIT 06, Copyright: Promo

In the In Transit Lab 06 the notion of body culture will be discussed by artists and scholars from Brazil, India, Europe, Africa, the USA and the Middle East. They describe and discuss an open horizon of cultural variety, which forms resistance to the rationality of modernity up to now.


Gilberto Gil, Sarat Maharaj, and Volker Hassemer

Culture and Development

Culture, development, and identity are catchwords for a new meaning of cultural politics that has taken leave of high culture’s domination. What has arisen in its place is a new notion of culture that is taking shape between India, Africa, and Brazil. What is the role of Europe?

Portuguese – English - German


Luiz Costa Lima, Sarat Maharaj, and Jyotindra Jain (to be confirmed)

The New Cultural Centres

Brazil, India, and Africa have developed their own forms of modernity in a process of differentiation from Europe. What impact do these concepts have on the contemporary production of art and knowledge?

Portuguese - English - German


Danilo Santos de Miranda, Hamilton Faria, Nelson Triunfo, Alejandro Ahmed

New Ways to Make Art

The story of how a contemporary art scene developed in Brazil amid changing global and national structures and resistance.

Moderation: Johannes Odenthal

Portuguese - English - German

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