Contemporary Fictions - Part 2

Sun, Jun 8, 2014
Lecture Hall
9 pm
Free admission
Ludivine Sibelle: Le sacrifice des géants, Photo: Promo

Sandro Aguilar: Dive: Approach and Exit
Portugal 2013, exp. Fiction, hdv, color, 12:13 min

Ludivine Sibelle: Le sacrifice des géants
France 2013, exp. Documentary, 16mm, color, 11:00 min

Juliette Bineau: Jour de chasse
France, Canada 2013, Video, hdv, color, 10:19 min

John Soog: Förår
Sweden, 2013, exp. Fiction, hdv, color, 18:00 min

Lois Patiño: Montaña en sombra
Spain, exp. Documentary, hdv, color, 14:00 min

Michael Campbell, Janice Rahn: Elephant's Graveyard Redux
Canada 2013, Video, dv, color, 05:32 min

Caroline Pellet: Oblique
France 2010, exp. Documentary, hdv, color, 13:24 min

Sandro Aguilar films the preparation of night divers in a port. Before the dive, they test their body weight. Ludivine Sibelle proposes a documentary fable; silhouettes holding torches take us through a series of cold and desolate landscapes. Juliette Bineau films Steeve, a hunter who walks through snow. He kills time, then the animal. Who said, “A king without entertainment is a man full of misery”? John Skoog bases himself on a story that paid the price of the gossip column. A little girl of 11 years had flaunted a hunting rifle in the main street of the village that she had stolen from her father. Lois Patino scrutinises the relationship between man and landscape. Seen from far, skiers on a snowy mountain transform the space into a surreal immensity. Michael Campbell and Janice Rahn draw a parallel between the exploration narratives of the 18th Century, and the first explorations of space. Caroline Pellet films astronomers during an observation night, intercuts these shots with astronomical objects that are observed, and hence interrogates the notion of scale, measure, and the perception of the visible world.