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2014, Sat, Jun 28

Fumaça Preta

Fumaça Preta | © Carolina Bittencourt

Fumaça Preta | © Carolina Bittencourt

Their name “Black Smoke” is programmatic: A revival of the darker variety of Brazilian psychedelia.

The vinyl archaeologist and DJ Joel Stone, together with the guitarist and shouter Stuart Carter and the bassist James Porch, both from The Grits, created Fumaça Preta along with the percussionist and producer Alex Figueira. Since then they have conjured up “A Bruxa” (the witch) or insanity in “Loco” with their mix of Tropicalia and Fuzz Funk, Acid House, musique concrète, Radiophonic electronics und Afro Beat. Tape echo, punchy drumming and spooky guitar distortion generate an intensive psychedelic sound experience: This witch will get you!