2014, Thu, May 08 — 2014, Sun, May 11


Stupid Music (Doofe Musik) | Schneider TM | © 2012, Henryk Weiffenbach, all rights reserved

Stupid Music (Doofe Musik) | Schneider TM | © 2012, Henryk Weiffenbach, all rights reserved

WOLFGANG VOIGT: Reverse Enchantment 9 –Music for Cultural Institutions
As the producer of over 160 recordings under some 30 pseudonyms, Kompakt cofounder and godfather of the minimalistic “Sound of Cologne,” Wolfgang Voigt has left his mark on the international techno-landscape in many ways. As a mixed-media artist, he drew attention at Art Cologne with his installation “Zukunft ohne Menschen” (Future without Humans). This was followed by the video installation “Du musst nichts sagen” (You don’t have to say anything) and a series of record artworks. Beginning Thursday, his latest piece, a nonstop sound installation of abstract-ambient brass music, will be heard at HKW. CD available on locationInstallation.
(Foyer and Corridors)

Fourteen musicians and composers associated with the avant-garde Berlin club “ausland” take the term “elevator music” at its word, providing their own compositions to be played in a continuous loop in the HKW lift: heavenly, fleeting, pleasant and disturbing moments, courtesy of Margareth Kammerer, Anja Jacobsen, Maria Bertel, Tisha Mukarji, Louis Rastig, JD Zazie, Ian Douglas-Moore, Nathalie Ponneau, Axel Dörner, The Understated Brown, Sabine Ercklentz, Andrea Neumann, Liz Allbee and Johnny Chang.

SCHNEIDER TM: Nippel Mobilee
One of the most successful contributions to the inane wave of 1970s West German Schlager music was Mike Krüger’s song “Der Nippel”: a kind of petit-bourgeois revenge against instruction manuals and the challenges of modern life. In a literal take on the song, Schneider TM – once a musician with The Locust Fudge and Hip Young Things, and later a bridge builder between indie rock, electronica and improvisation – crafts a musical mobile, complete with the song’s infamous nipple, loop, crank, arrow, confounded mustard tube and, finally, gates of heaven. A piece for remembering and listening, for laughter and despair.

CRISTIAN VOGEL: Chemical For Music Toilet
Over the twenty-plus years of his career, Cristian Vogel has released tricky techno tracks (on Tresor Records and Novamute, among others), pure machine-music under the pseudonym Trurl & Klapaucius and, with Jamie Lidell, futuristic vocalisms under the name of Super_Collider. For Stupid Music, one of the few festivals with enough lavatories for all in attendance, he provides a chemical toilet featuring a soundtrack of his original compositions and field recordings.
(Main entrance)