2014, Sat, Apr 26 and 2014, Sat, May 03

Thuy (Annyeong, Thuy)

D: Kim Jae-han

Korean Cinema Today 2014 | Thuy (Annyeong, Thuy), film still | © Promo

Korean Cinema Today 2014 | Thuy (Annyeong, Thuy), film still | © Promo

Korea 2013, 108 min, English subtitles

Thuy’s gambling-addicted husband dies in a motorcycle accident. Strange, given that his earlier loss of several fingers had prevented him from riding even a bicycle. Thuy’s efforts to find out the truth founder due to the inaction of the local police and the machinations of a dubious vigilante group. Indeed, all of the Vietnamese woman’s “fellow citizens” make clear to her that she is unwelcome. Even a sympathetic police officer from Seoul can’t do much to help. A complex and bitter thriller that offers grim insights into rural Korea.
Nominated for the Muhr AsiaAfrica Award Dubai Film Festival 2013

Kim Jae-han (*1971) studied at the Busan Arts College and was active in theater for over ten years. In 2001 he founded an art school for youth, where he also taught. He began his first film project, “A Silent Man,” in 2011. “Thuy” (2013) is his first completed feature film.