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Godsend (Sinui-Seonmul)

D: Moon Si-hyun

Korean Cinema Today 2014 | Godsend (Sinui-Seonmul), film still | © Promo

Korean Cinema Today 2014 | Godsend (Sinui-Seonmul), film still | © Promo

Korea 2013, 108 min, English subtitles

Her longing for a child has almost destroyed her marriage. Now Seung-yeon sees a chance: the teenage So-young is pregnant and prepared to give up her baby in exchange for an expensive car. But the seemingly straightforward deal leads into an emotional labyrinth. In the secluded mountain location where the birth is to take place, the women make friends. Standing together against outside threats, they begin to rethink their situation. Seung-yeon realizes her marriage is more important to her than her wish for a child, and So-young changes when her baby faces danger.
Based on a screenplay by the controversial master director Kim Ki-duk.

Moon Si-hyun (*1978) studied journalism in Ohio (USA). She got her start in film as a member of Kim Ki-duk’s film crews for “Time” (2006) and “Breath” (2007) and served as assistant director on his feature film “Pieta” (2012). Her directorial debut, “Home Sweet Home,” premiered in 2011.