In Transit 2011

2011, Jun 15, Wed — 2011, Jun 18, Sat

Under the stewardship of the new artistic director, Jens Hillje, the festival presents performances which playfully question their own relationship with the spectator. IN TRANSIT 2011 examines the politics of speech and the politics of gaze – the two sides of communication in society. How should we speak? Who may say what to whom? What expressions do people make in what circumstances? These discussions can lead to a power of definition in public. At the same time, they also reveal how fragile identities and attributions can be – and how entertaining it can be to play with them.

Branch Nebula (Sydney), Bulut/Gabia/Baroncea (Berlin/Belgrade/Bucharest), Ivo Dimchev (Sofia), Geumhyung Jeong (Seoul), Ruud Gielens (Brussels), Eisa Jocson (Manila), Daniel Kok (Berlin), Angélica Liddell (Madrid), Yann Marussich (Geneva), Song-Ming Ang (Singapore), Dave St. Pierre (Montreal), Dick Wong (Hongkong), Ming Wong (Singapore/Berlin), Ann Liv Young (New York)

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2011, Jun 15, Wed – 2011, Jun 18, Sat
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