Evidence & Experiment

Discourse, Installation, Performance, Online archive

Throughout the year 2022

In search of models for living in a transitioning Earth system: what socio-political implications lie in the geological evidence for the Anthropocene?

What do the sediments of the Earth tell us about the present? In which ways is our scope for maneuvering through planetary challenges changing in the Anthropocene? What cosmologies do we need for a successful cohabitation on the planet? In 2022, Evidence & Experiment will accompany the Anthropocene Working Group's (AWG) research on the scientific formalization of the new geological age. Since 2019, the AWG has been searching for stratigraphic evidence indicating the onset of the Anthropocene at various sites around the world. A series of events, online publications and installations will take a close look at these geological signals and explore the societal possibilities and limitations shaping this new geological age.

Evidence & Experiment comprises a comprehensive archive on the research platform anthropocene-curriculum.org (starting in February), the installation Earth Indices by Armin Linke and Giulia Bruno (starting in May), the discourse events Unearthing the Present (May) and Where is the Planetary? (October) and the AWG press conference on the “golden spike” of the Anthropocene (December).