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Autumn 2022

Anthropocene Curriculum Season 2022

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Autumn 2022

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How can different local research contexts across the world be turned into common planetary ways of thinking and acting?

In 2013, the HKW and the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science launched the Anthropocene Curriculum project. The goal was to jointly develop new methods for knowledge production that reflect the complexity of the new geological era. What started as a week-long campus at the HKW has since developed into an international network with initiatives and partner projects in Chicago, Melbourne, Bangalore, Cape Town, Daejeon, Venice, along the Mississippi River and many other places. In the fall of 2022, these projects will share their respective research and social engagements in a series of presentations and conversations on the anthropocene-curriculum.org platform. In online workshops, scientists, artists and activists from around the world will discuss how local research contexts can give rise to collaborative, planetary thinking and agency.

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