Archive of Refuge

2021, Sep 30, Thu — 2022, Jan 03, Mon


What forms of remembrance are needed in today’s societies shaped by immigration? This oral history project concerns itself with the memories of people migrating to Germany as an integral part of German post-war history, seeking to protect them from being forgotten and suppressed. 42 documentary film interviews with people who immigrated to West and East Germany over the last 70 years are being used to create a commemorative website. They gather stories of home and exile, of what immigration has come to mean – testifying to a multifaceted, exciting narrative of German history. In the online archive, the interviews will be made permanently accessible to the general public, serving as a source of information and a tool for political education and research. For the launch of the online archive, they can be seen for the first time in an installation. Political education projects will be initiated in the form of workshops alongside the installation. During the theme days, panel discussions and conversations with theorists and activists will examine questions about the online archive and the need for a pluralistic understanding of society in the face of current political conjunctures.

Curated by Carolin Emcke and Manuela Bojadžijev

Online archive, installation, theme days, workshops

Sep 30, 2021–Jan 3, 2022

Theme days
Thu, Sep 30 – Sun, Oct 3, 2021

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