Whole Life Academy II

2020, Oct 12, Mon — 2020, Oct 17, Sat

Photo: Sala Sedikki | © Pina Bausch Foundation

Photo: Sala Sedikki | © Pina Bausch Foundation

Archives form a canon of different worldviews, knowledge formations and power relations, thus creating the material and non-material foundations of the present. After launching in Dresden, the second part of the Whole Life Academy will take place at HKW and Silent Green in Berlin this year. The academy will pinpoint current issues in local archival contexts and correlate them with institutionalized archival structures and situated practices of knowledge production. The research will be accompanied by a weeklong public, evening program and will culminate in a congress at HKW in April 2021.

Workshops, archive viewings, screenings, lectures, performances

Oct 12–17, 2020
Silent Green and HKW

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