Video series

In the run-up to the festival, a video series beginning in May 2020 shows how musicians are using the current restrictions productively: They digitally produce a new piece of music and document the process using DIY video. A new “making of” is issued every week. This allows the audience to experience the creation process – precisely what is otherwise impossible with digitally produced music since it is often created in several layers over a longer period of time.

Jana Rush: A Work in Progress

Gebrüder Teichmann: On the Drip

Music & video: Gebrüder Teichmann, Noland 2020

Substance (Cristian Vogel Remix), Arno Vancolen (EPM Music)

Perera Elsewhere: Hudu Homage

Kate NV: Untitled

Video: Kate NV and Pavel Kling

Jay Glass Dubs: #2 Song In Heaven (For Raissa)

Written, produced and recorded by Dimitris Papadatos, video by Panagiotis Mina
Love and thanks to Raissa Angeli

Gabber Modus Operandi: CELEPUK GENTAYANGAN (Haunted Owl)

Video & Music: Gabber Modus Operandi

DJ Raph: Deep State

Video: Victor Mutali

Eli Gras: Capillarity

Filmed by Eli Gras & Mar Morey

Astronauta Pinguim: The most beautiful card in the deck

Video and liquid wall projections by Ramiro Pissetti

Interspecifics: Untitled Data Composition

Recorded at Laboratorio Sensorial, Guadalajara, Mexico by Juan Villalobos (Sound) and Diego Gonzalez (Camera)

Rey Sapienz & MC Dogis Mechant: Tati Wata

Camera: Chrisman

Don Zilla & MC Ecko Bazz: Wagulu

Camera: Chrisman

Natalie Beridze: Holes

Ale Hop: The Very Little Band

Lamin Fofana: Note on Planetary Living

Lucrecia Dalt: Cosa

Camera and interview: Chris Shields

Matias Aguayo: New in the Forest

SOTE: Synthetic Wood

feat. Mazda Damadi (tonbak) and Arash Bolouri (video)

Guido Möbius: Zwiefacher

feat. Andrea Belfi (hihat) and Bettina Weber (violin)
Video: Anna Shirin

Tellavision: Love from a Distance

Video & Music: Tellavision

Barbara Morgenstern: Der Witz

Thanks to Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Potzlow-Lindenhagen

Meridian Brothers: Bucles y operadores en gran confrontación (presentando al Aparato del progreso)

Aparato del progreso built by Eblis Álvarez and Mateo Rivano
Camera: Bibiana Rojas