Refiguring Spaces

Event series


Globalization has radically changed people’s relationships with spaces, making it necessary to reconfigure spatial research. The event series Refiguring Spaces creates interfaces between university research and a broader public.

For this purpose, the process-like series uses practices from interdisciplinary spatial research with approaches from sociology, geography, architecture, media and communication science, art and urban planning. The participants question existing discourses on spatial phenomena in both art and science. How can changed structural orders be visualized? And what consequences can be derived from this change? Participants in the workshop series will discuss these and other questions. The results of the different artistic formats flow into the research process of the TU’s Collaborative Research Center 1265, Re-Figuration of Spaces.

Refiguring Spaces is an event series by Collaborative Research Center 1265 Re-Figuration of Spaces at the TU Berlin at Haus der Kulturen der Welt