Zonke Family

The members of Zonke Family are known as excellent players of Matepe, the traditional Mbira music played in the Mudzi District in the North-East of Zimbabwe. Anthony "Matomati" Zonke and his brother Chief Boyi Nyamande regularly play at official events and traditional ceremonies. The percussionist Crispen Zonke is an expert in regional drumming and dance styles. Anthony Zonke learned his vocal art from his mother Sinati Nyamande who was already recorded by field recording pioneer Hugh Tracey more than half a century ago. In this specific singing and yodeling style numerous independent melodic strands are combined with those of Matepe. Belonging to the ethnic minority of the Marembe, the musicians are well aware that the Matepe culture is gradually disappearing. By efforts such as for instance establishing a Marembe Cultural Centre, they try to counteract this process.