Partha Mitter

Partha Mitter is Emeritus Professor in Art History, University of Sussex, Member of Wolfson College, Oxford and Honorary Fellow, Victoria and Albert Museum, London. As writer and historian of art and culture, he specializes in the reception of Indian art in the West, as well as in modernity, art and identity in India, and more recently in global modernism. His many publications include: The Triumph of Modernism: India’s Artists and the Avant-Garde – 1922–1947 (2007) and Art and Nationalism in Colonial India, 1850– 1922: Occidental Orientations (1994). Mitter’s groundbreaking book Much Maligned Monsters: History of European Reactions to Indian Art (1977; new edition, 2013) was one of the first comprehensive accounts of the western reception of Indian art. He is a curatorial advisor for bauhaus imaginista’s Corresponding With section.

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May 11, 2019