Gaming Parcours with Invisible Playground

It’s the year 2034 and following the closure of the innovative shopping mall HKW Mall of Culture, the building is abandoned. Inside, only the mall's central computer is still talking to itself. On the roof, a shady start-up is testing a new dating app based on a Hungarian war game. Right outside, tiny plots of land are being peddled and unwanted entities are being pushed back and forth in an eternal cycle.

Jennifer Aksu and Sebastian Quack of Invisible Playground invite visitors to take part in a course of more or less dangerous games in and around HKW.

Jennifer Aksu studied theater studies, journalism and communication science in Berlin, then urban culture, society and space in Essen. She founded the Invisible Playground artist network and is part of the Playful Commons innovation platform for the future of public spaces. As an expert on cities with relationship problems, she works, explores and designs experiences, experiments and dialogues that change perspectives and develop potential.

Sebastian Quack is an artist, game designer and curator focusing on the interface of play and urban society. Quack is a founding member of the Invisible Playground network, curates festivals and exhibitions, teaches art and design, and advises organizations that want to playfully engage with their environment. Artistic work with, among others, Hebbel am Ufer, the Oerol Festival, Ensemble Modern, Nuit Blanche in Paris, Wiener Festwochen, Aichi Triennale, Kunstfest Weimar, Urbane Künste Ruhr.