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Partners and Team

Radiophonic Spaces is a project by the chair of Experimental Radio at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar as part of Radiophonic Cultures (SNSF Sinergia Research Project) in cooperation with HKW and Museum Tinguely, Basel. The walk-in radio archive will be shown in the Museum Tinguely from Oct 23, 2018–Jan 27, 2019 and in the University Library Weimar from Jul 26–Sep 19, 2019.

The walk-in radio archive Radiophonic Spaces was conceived by Nathalie Singer in collaboration with a team of radio experts.

Co-organizer: Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Südwestrundfunk (SWR), Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR). With the kind support of international broadcasters and radio archives.

Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation, Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), State Chancellery of Thuringia, Hertie Foundation, Fonds Bauhaus100 of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, Goethe-Institut, Hanna and Dieter Paulmann.

Der Ohrenmensch is a project by HKW in cooperation with the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and will open Radiophonic Spaces at HKW. Der Ohrenmensch was conceived by Katrin Klingan and Janek Müller.

Concept and Soundclips: büro eta boeklund, Berlin
Thanks to Hamid Ehrari, Matthias Hartenberger and Christina Harles

Radiophonic Spaces is taking place at HKW as part of 100 Years of Now, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media based on a ruling by the German Bundestag.

Radiophonic Spaces in cooperation with

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar      Bauhaus 100

Museum Tinguely

Funded by

null      Schweizerischer Nationalfonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung      Thüringer Staatskanzlei     

Gemeinnützige Hertie-Stiftung       Film und Medien Stiftung NRW          Goethe-Institut

as well as Hanna and Dieter Paulmann

Technical realisation


Presented by

tip        spex        ExBerliner        taz. Die Tageszeitung

null       Cashmere Radio

The contributions by Cevdet Erek (Nov 1) and Nástio Mosquito & Martin Hirsch (Nov 3) with the kind support of Deutschlandfunk Kultur

Deutschlandfunk Kultur

Performance Pour la Radio by Andrea Cohen and Diego Losa (Nov 10) with the kind support of WDR Rundfunkanstalten


Team at HKW

Department of Literature and Humanities
Heads of project: Katrin Klingan, Janek Müller
Project coordinators: Cornelia Wagner, Niklas Hoffmann-Walbeck
Project assistant: Melissa Canbaz
Production: Quirin Wildgen, Nadja Hermann
Production assistant: Tran Thi Thu Trang
Organization: Liona Neubert, Friederike Becker
Program coordinator: Doris Hegner

Technical Department
Benjamin Brandt, Gernot Ernst and team, Mathias Helfer, Adrian Pilling, Benjamin Pohl and team, André Schulz and team
Stage Management: Claudia Peters

Department of Communications and Cultural Education
Head: Daniel Neugebauer
Editors: Franziska Wegener, Tarik Kemper
Press office: Timur Alexander El Rafie, Laura Mühlbauer
Internet editors: Karen Khurana, Jan Koehler, Kristin Drechsler
Public relations: Christiane Sonntag, Sabine Westemeier
Documentation office: Svetlana Bierl, Pakorn Duriyaprasit
Cultural education: Eva Stein, Dorett Mumme, Christina Harles
Editors 100 Years of Now Journal: Kirsten Einfeldt, Ralf Rebmann

Team at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Artistic director: Nathalie Singer, Experimental Radio, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Head of the Radiophonic Cultures (Sinergia/SNSF) Research Group: Ute Holl, Seminar for Media Science, University of Basel

Scenography: Cevdet Erek

Concept, development and organization: Astrid Drechsler, Anja Erdmann, Andreas Feddersen, Martin Hirsch, Elena Zieser

Coordinators: Tomke Braun, Stefanie Harnisch, Silvia Kämpfer, Anne Meinzenbach

Curatorial advisors: Marcus Gammel, Maxie Götze, Gaby Hartel, Künstler-Kollektiv k.a.a.l, Chikashi Miyama

Curatorial and research assistants: Andrea Cohen, Tatiana Eichenberger, Andreas Feddersen, Golo Föllmer, Andreas Hagelüken, Patricia Jaeggi, Jochen Meißner, Jan Philip Müller, Wolfram Wessels

Further authors: Katarina Agathos, Andreja Andrisević, Camilla Bork, Tina Klatte, Tobias Gerber, Frank Kaspar, Ingo Kottkamp, Michael Kunkel, Karsten Lichau, Hanne Lorek, Ania K Mauruschat, Katrin Moll, Miguel Molino Alarcon, Matthias Pasdzierny, Julia Tieke, Antje Tumat, Marianne Weil, Anne Zeitz

Design and technical implementation: MESO Digital Interiors GmbH

Assistants and rights clearance: Stefanie Heim, Julia Herzog, Fabian Kühlein, Johann Mittmann, Simone Müller, Tanja Palamkote, Josephine Prkno, Severin Schenkel, Robert Sonntag, Alejandro Weyler, Tim Wiezorek, Dominique Wollniok

Editing and proofreading: Viola Ahrensfeld, Fabian Ebeling, Darja Klöpfer, Eckhard Roelcke et al.

Haus der Kulturen der Welt is supported by the Minister of State for Culture and the Media as well as by the Federal Foreign Office.

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