Samuel Merrill

Samuel Merrill is a scholar with a primary interest in questions of memory, landscape, heritage, and infrastructure, particularly within the context of a broadly conceived underground—spatial, political and cultural. His new book Networked remembrance: excavating buried memories in the railways beneath London and Berlin will be published by Peter Lang later this year. He has also recently published Negotiating the memories and myths of World War II civilian suffering in the railways beneath London and Berlin, in Battlefield Events: Landscape, Commemoration and Heritage, Reeves et al (eds., 2016), and Identities in transit: the (re)connections and (re)brandings of Berlin’s municipal railway infrastructure after 1989, in the Journal of Historical Geography (2015). Merrill is currently postdoctoral researcher in digital sociology at Umeå University, Sweden.

After the Wildly Improbable

Why Are We Here Now?

Postwar Landscapes

Karrabing Film Collective: Night Time Go, film
Shahram Khosravi: Along the Rails with Travelers without Papers, lecture
Samuel Merrill: Ghost Stations, lecture
Rania Stephan: Train-Trains: Where’s the Track?, film
- After the Wildly Improbable -

Sep 15, 2017