Lina Majdalanie

Lina Majdalanie is a performer, theater director and author. She has created numerous works, i.a. Photo-Romance (2009), Biokhraphia (2002), and the film I had a dream, mom (2006) as well as the digital project Lina Saneh Body-P-Arts Project (2007). She was a member of the curriculum committee for the Home Workspace Program at Ashkal Alwan in Beirut and has taught at the HEAD – Haute école d'art et de design in Geneva, at DasArts in Amsterdam, and at Goethe University Frankfurt. In 2009/2010, Majdalanie was a fellow at the International Research Center Interweaving Performance Cultures at Freie Universität Berlin.

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How Close Could We Get to the Light and Survive?

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Oct 6, 2017