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Forms of Life

Apr 11–13, 2019

© Torsten Blume and Christian Lueger

© Torsten Blume and Christian Lueger

The technosphere is less a technology or an instrument than it is a space for life. It does not decide in a positive or direct way on death but instead privileges and enables certain forms of life. It does so in part through affordances that allow certain kinds of spaces, ecologies and interactions to exist and afford opportunities for specific forms of life to thrive. This final stage of the research project looks at the technosphere as the horizon against which forms of life emerge: How does the networking among forms of life operate? In which ways does it create the setting which articulates and sustains the technosphere? A variety of speakers from different fields will reflect through collaborative discussions on the forms of life they would like to enable in a technosphere to come.

Concept: Katrin Klingan, Nick Houde, Janek Müller, Christoph Rosol in collaboration with Bernard Geoghegan