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Tatort: Schlachtfeld | Burghart Klaußner | © Sebastian Bolesch

Tatort: Schlachtfeld | Burghart Klaußner | © Sebastian Bolesch

In order to network the perspectives of 100 Years of Now with debates from the German speaking world, cooperations have been established with theatres and literary institutions throughout Germany and Switzerland.

The start will be made with Peter Handke’s play Die Stunde da wir nichts voneinander wußten, staged by Tiit Ojasoo und Ene-Liis Semper at the Thalia Theater Hamburg. Written in 1991, and consisting solely of stage directions, the play illuminates contemporary Europe and its historical condition. Through the meeting of different characters, an image of a continent is created which has been shaped by 100 years of national, religious and economic attempts at establishing an identity. For the opening of 100 Years of Now at the HKW the theatre performance The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other – An Observation of Time has been created on the basis of the original play.

This will be followed by a cooperation with the theatre HAU Hebbel am Ufer at the end of 2016 as well as a co-production with the theatre collective Rimini Protokoll, at the Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf, the Kammerspiele Munich, the Staatsschauspiel Dresden and the Schauspielhaus Zurich.

In the series of readings Tatort: Schlachtfeld well-known actors and actresses such as Barbara Auer, Nicole Heesters, Dominique Horwitz, Charly Hübner, and Ulrich Tukur bring to life the First World War in literary form – a war that occupied the artists and literati of its time like no other. In 16 readings across the country between October 2015 and June 2016, they will lend their voices to European and non-European poets and intellectuals, war opponents and enthusiasts, doubters and those dragged into events from 1914 to 1918. In the concluding discussions with politicians, historians and other experts the positions of the time will be juxtaposed with current debates. For the kick-off to 100 Years of Now at the HKW, Burghart Klaußner and Ulrich Matthes read from diaries, letters and novels, followed by a discussion between the Member of the German Bundestag Rüdiger Kruse and the Freiburg historian Jörn Leonhard.

“Tatort: Schlachtfeld” is curated by Sonja Valentin.

“Tatort: Schlachtfeld” takes place as part of the HKW series 100 Years of Now.

Tatort: Schlachtfeld

Previous events

2015, Nov 29
Theater Bremen
Reading and discussion with Camilla Renschke, Oliver Mommsen, Lothar Machtan, and Marieluise Beck (MdB, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen). Moderator: Jörg-Dieter Kogel, Radio Bremen/NDR
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2015, Dec 5
Fritz Rémond Theater, Frankfurt
Reading and discussion with Ulrich Tukur, Barbara Philipp, Steffen Bruendel. Moderator: Hubert Spiegel, FAZ
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2015, Dec 13
Haus der Kunst, Munich
Reading and discussion with Udo Wachtveitl, Miroslav Nemec and Dr. Horst Lauinger. Moderator: Cornelia Zetzsche, Bayrischer Rundfunk
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2016, Jan 3
Hans Otto Theater, Potsdam
Reading and discussion with Jörg Schüttauf, Maria Simon, Dr. Ernst Piper, and Norbert Müller (MdB, Die Linke). Moderator: Christhard Läpple, ZDF
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2016, Jan 10
Staatsschauspiel Dresden
Reading and discussion with Theresa Hübchen, Marcus Bluhm, Gerd Hankel (Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung), and Michael Kretschmer (MdB, CDU)
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2016, Jan 17
Volkstheater Rostock
Reading and discussion with Lina Beckmann, Charly Hübner, Tanja Bührer, and Eckhardt Rehberg (MdB, CDU). Moderator: Jan Ehlert, NDR.
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2016, Jan 31
Theater Magdeburg
Reading and discussion with Claudia Michelsen, Samuel Finzi, Ernst Piper (publisher and historian) and Rosemarie Hein MdB (Die Linke). Moderator: Christhard Läpple, ZDF
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2016, Feb 7
Theater Lübeck
Reading and discussion with Maren Eggert, Thomas Heinze, Wolf-Rüdiger Osburg and Gabriele Hiller-Ohm (MdB, SPD). Moderator: Annemarie Stoltenberg (NDR Kultur)
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2016, Feb 14
Staatstheater Hannover
Reading and discussion with Johanna Wokalek, Peter Lohmeyer, Herfried Münkler (Institut für Sozialwissenschaften Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), and Sven-Christian Kindler (MdB, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen). Moderator: Jan Ehlert (NDR)
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2016, Mar 6
Theater im Pfalzbau, Ludwigshafen
Reading and discussion with Nicole Heesters, Andreas Hoppe, Wolfgang Schivelbusch, and Maria Böhmer (MdB, CDU)
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2016, Apr 3
Wolfgang-Borchert-Theater, Münster
Reading and discussion with Oliver Urbanski, Hannelore Hoger and Gerd Krumeich. Moderator: Jan Ehlert, NDR

2016, Apr 10
Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar
Reading and discussion with Sophie Rois, Dominique Horwitz, Lothar Machtan (Universität Bremen) and Carsten Schneider MdB (SPD)
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2016, Apr 24
Johanneum Homburg
Reading and discussion with Elisabeth Brück, Samuel Finzi, Alexander Honold (Universität Basel) and Alexander Funk MdB (CDU). Moderation: Peter Neuheisel (Saarbrücker Zeitung) More on:

2016, May 22
Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, Leipzig
Reading and discussion with Nicole Heesters, Peter Lohmeyer, Gerd Hankel (Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung) und Thomas Feist MdB (CDU). Moderation: Hubert Spiegel (FAZ) More on:

2016, May 24
Gerhart-Hauptmann-Theater Görlitz-Zittau
Reading and discussion with Theresa Hübchen, Marcus Bluhm, Matthias Rogg (Militärhistorisches Museum Dresden) and Michael Kretschmer MdB (CDU). Moderator: Dirk Kurbjuweit (SPIEGEL) More on:

2016, Jun 5
Hamburger Kammerspiele
Reading and discussion with Burghart Klaußner, Barbara Auer, Matthias Rogg (Militärhistorisches Museum Dresden) and Rüdiger Kruse MdB (CDU). Moderator: Jan Ehlert (NDR Kultur) More on:

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