2015, Wed, Jul 08

Long Night of the Shortlist and Award Ceremony 2015

Long Night of the Shortlist and Award Ceremony, July 2012 | © Thomas Eugster

Long Night of the Shortlist and Award Ceremony, July 2012 | © Thomas Eugster

What literary transactions between authors and translators characterize contemporary storytelling? At HKW the shortlist nominees explored how literature may expand social, fictional and linguistic horizons in readings and discussions.


6 pm Opening
with Bernd Scherer

6.30 pm – 9 pm Readings, discussions and interrogations
with the nominated authors, translators and jury members

Stage I: Discussions

6.30 pm – 7.30 pm In the exile of history
with György Buda, Brigitte Döbert, Daša Drndić, Amos Oz, Mirjam Pressler, Blanka Stipetić & Krisztina Tóth
Moderation: Marko Martin & Iris Radisch (Jury 2015)

7.45 pm – 8.45 pm World textures – in extremis
with NoViolet Bulawayo, Patrick Chamoiseau, Gilbert Gatore, Miriam Mandelkow, Katja Meintel & Beate Thill
Moderation: Sabine Peschel & Sabine Scholl (Jury 2015)

Stage II: Readings

6.30 pm Wir brauchen neue Namen
with NoViolet Bulawayo & Miriam Mandelkow

6.55 pm Das lärmende Schweigen
with Gilbert Gatore & Katja Meintel

7.20 pm Die Spur des Anderen
with Patrick Chamoiseau & Beate Thill

7.45 pm Aquarium
with Krisztina Tóth & György Buda

8.10 pm Sonnenschein
with Daša Drndić, Brigitte Döbert & Blanka Stipetić

Leila Chammaa & Jörg Plath (Jury 2015)

9 pm Award Ceremony in the Auditorium
Laudation by Michael Krüger, talks and readings with Amos Oz & Mirjam Pressler on Judas, Award presentation

Followed by a final get-together on the roof terrace
The evening was hosted by Bernd Scherer, director of the HKW.