Acting within a humane society

On Dialogical Forms
Nov 19, 2015

Alaa Hamameh | Dialogue Table | 2014 Linolschnitt, 90 x 90

Alaa Hamameh | Dialogue Table | 2014 Linolschnitt, 90 x 90

How can new spheres of action be developed in the face of global challenges? Flight and expulsion on a global scale have put the question of the foundations of humane society back on the political agenda.

What does it mean to act ethically today? What responsibilities arise in the face of global crises? What perspectives, practices and discourses does a political community need? With Acting within a humane society, HKW tests the validity of terms of historical humanism: migration researcher Manuela Bojadžijev (born in Frankfurt am Main, 1971), artist Alaa Hamameh (born in Aleppo, 1983) and writer Adania Shibli (born in Palestine, 1974), moderated by HKW director Bernd Scherer, will examine concepts of dialog, of speaking with and about others. Selfless generosity, obligatory recognition, peaceful resistance: which forms are necessary?

“Acting within a humane society” takes place as part of the HKW series 100 Years of Now.