The Heart is a Wildfire

Georg Boch, Tijmen Brozius

The Heart is a Wildfire, © Georg Boch

How does the Anthropocene hypothesis touch us personally? Why should we care? Why is the Anthropocene more than just another temporary popular term? What kind of art or medium of expression would do justice to the Anthropocene's claim of representing our 21st century cosmology?

As the subject (humanity) faces its non-separateness from the presumed object (nature), the canvas dissolves into the entire field of view: Virtual reality becomes the living artwork of the Anthropocene age.

How can immersion in a virtual realm help to close the feedback loop between the individual and the planet? Which perspectives could we take there, to broaden our understanding of these complex times?

Game designer Georg Boch & painter Tijmen Brozius explore the implications of Anthropocene art in the development of a virtual reality experience for the Oculus Rift DK2.

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Georg Boch is a freelance new media producer, director of crossmedia projects and game designer. Amongst other projects, he directed the web-documentary “facebook’s Adorno changed my Life” and created and co-produced the transmedial serious game “Fix OskarX” for the German federal elections in 2013.

Tijmen Brozius is an artist who explores the grey area between human insanity and ecstasy in drawings and paintings that center on the body and the emotional world. He also works as a graphic recorder at conferences, capturing information in drawings as a summary for audiences.