The Anthropocene Project. An Encyclopedia

Living, learning, absorbing knowledge, like nutrition, at school, in everyday life, in our dreams. But what happens with the personal, the knowledge rooted in the body of mind of an individual when it is transformed to signs and texts, textual or visual media, and generalized? Who defines knowledge? The facts, reproducibility? The intelligent, the good, the majority? Knowledge is shaped by the disciplines, scientific cultures, and their media, or by the social formation, but also the historical point in time in which it is produced. Knowledge production in the Anthropocene, however, must transgress the disciplinarity of the natural sciences and humanities, and wants to include pre-scientific ideas and non-institutionalized knowledge—does this make it monstrous, too complex, or plural? At least it seems to get a bit out of control, and that’s surely needed.

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HKW Talk on the Anthropocene. With Dipesh Chakrabarty and Bernd M. Scherer, Min. 10:10, 19:34

Geontologies: A Requiem to Late Liberalism. Keynote by Elizabeth A. Povinelli

HKW Talk on the Anthropocene. With Erich Hörl on the Whole Earth Conference, Min. 13:00

Ende der Philosophie, Beginn der Kybernetik? Panel with Hans-Christian Dany, Erich Hörl, and Eva Meyer, Min. 2.30, 37:40 (German)

HKW Talk on the Anthropocene. With Michael Taussig and Bernd M. Scherer

Is the Anthropocene… Cosmology? Dialogue with John Tresch and Jan Zalasiewicz

Cosmograms, or How to Do Things with Worlds. Keynote by John Tresch

A Report. Anthropocene Working Group – Human Impacts and Their Consequences (3/3): Jürgen Renn, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin, Min 34:30 – 55:00

Anthropocene Campus. Welcome with Bernd M. Scherer and Jürgen Renn

Earthbound Knowledge: A Forum 1 | Introduction: Jürgen Renn

Earthbound Knowledge: A Forum 2 | Key Terms I – MODEL, with Christoph Küffer, Sabine Höhler and Caleb Waldorf. Moderation: Christoph Rosol, from Min 22:00

Anthropocene Campus. Presentation and Artist Talk: The Otolith Group

Earthbound Knowledge: A Forum 1 | Table Talk C – Experience as Knowledge, with Natalie Jeremijenko and Andrew Pickering

Earthbound Knowledge: A Forum 1 | Table Talk A – Public Knowledge, with Amita Baviskar and Rifka Weehuizen

Earthbound Knowledge: A Forum 1 | Table Talk B - Limits of Knowledge, with Wolfgang Lucht and Dominique Pestre

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