Beate Geissler / Oliver Sann

Beate Geissler and Oliver Sann have been active as a collaborative partnership since 1996. Their work concentrates on inner alliances of knowledge and power, their deep links in western culture and the escalation in and transformation of human beings through technology. On the threshold dividing document from created reality, on the border between factual occurrence and fictional bringing-into-being, their work scrutinizes the inherent idiosyncrasies of media and technology. Within the collaborative space of an artist duo and interdisciplinary research, the artists’ work spans science, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, political science and contemporary art. Geissler/Sann more recently have been the recipient of grants from the Elisabeth Cheney Foundation and the Graham Foundation, Chicago. Currently, Geissler is an Associate Professor of Art at the University of Illinois at Chicago and Sann is Assistant Professor at the School of the Art Institute, Chicago.Instructors 2016

Campus 2016 (Technospheric Governance Seminar)