Marko Sančanin

Pieces in the Crypt

Almost everywhere in the world public institutions are required to archive the architectural data of the building which house them. Carefully bound blueprints and structural calculations ensure the stability of the material. However, a building is not just supported by pillars and diagonals. Immaterial structures also make a building into what it is. Sančanin has improvised a ‘crypt’ of memories, of discarded or forgotten things relating to the former Kongresshalle, arranged around an architectural drawing of the roof construction on a hidden wall of the HKW. In the process he subjects material as well as immaterial structures to a critical reading.

Marko Sančanin (*1975 in Croatia) studied political science and architecture. He is co-founder and director of Platforma 9,81 – a non-profit Institute for Architectural Research. The institute explores the spatial implications of shifting political, economic, and cultural identities in post-socialist Southeast Europe. Research, theoretical works, as well as designs, present new concepts of spatial justice, socially sustainable development, and cultural heritage. Sančanin is a columnist and radio host for architecture, urban planning, and culture.