Films by the UDK referring to the 'Doppeltes Berlin'

1.9. - 11.11. daily 10 - 19 h

Filmmakers and media artists from the Institut für Zeitbasierte Medien und der Experimentellen Filmgestaltung der UdK Berlin (Institute for Time-Based Media and Experimental Film at the University of Arts in Berlin) present their own cinematic positions, which they have developed specially for the occasion. Based on the terms “East” and “West”, they explore, stage and reconstruct the architecture of the dual Berlin and its ways of relating. The results are observations on the contemporary and the historic, interior and exterior, words and gestures, pairings, ruptures and gaps.

With films by Laslo Antal, Nike Arnold, Juana Awad, Anne Behrndt, Julian Brinkmann, Mathieu Brohan, Guillaume Cailleau und Hanna Slak, Emily Keslar, Antonia Kilian, Kornelia Kugler und Lena Siebertz, Sungeun Kim, Yair Glotman, Nadja Krüger und Elisa Storelli, Vincent Maigler, Alicja Sowiar, Björn Speidel