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01.02.2011 - 06.02.2011

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This year’s festival transmediale, entitled RESPONSE:ABILITY, features contemporary artworks, spectacular live performances and screenings, as well as renowned theoreticians and activists discussing topics related to the radically changing digital culture and new bio-political, economic and affective dimensions of a society that is increasingly living “live” and “online”. The transmediale.11 examines the Internet beyond the era of Web 2.0 with regard to its users’ responsibilities and opportunities: how can the Internet be formed and defended as a central trading zone in the light of growing political and legal influences?

At the conference in the auditorium entitled BODY:RESPONSE, renowned guests such as BIFO / Franco Berardi, Tim Etchells, Jordan Crandall, Mark Hansen, Carolyn Guertin, Derrick de Kerckhove and Judith Revel, discuss how the human being as a physical entity experiences himself or herself, space and reality – now that he or she is increasingly being “dematerialized” and digitally expanded on the Internet. In addition to daily, curated screenings with a special Sunday Matinee of early affective cinema, there will also be temporary project offices, performances, workshops and installations by renowned artists and leading specialists from the open technology and creative sectors, such as Heather Kelley, Ursula Endlicher, Geert Lovink,, Peter Sunde, Tetsuo Kogawa and the activists in volved int he global “Test Signals” project. Highlights will include the presentation of the transmediale Awards, the Vilém Flusser Theory Awards and the new Open Web Awards, which are aimed at promoting a radical, open Internet.

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