Apr 04–27, 2008

Re-Imagining Asia: Film programme

New perspectives

Films that one remembers have a lasting effect – in much the same way as pictures, owing to their intensity, sometimes remain impressed on our retinas long after cease to see them.

Independent director Fruit Chan from Hong Kong and Japanese old master Akira Kurosawa, innovative documentary film-maker Lav Diaz from the Philippines and the Austrian Timo Novotny, with his music-video experience: the combination of rapidly changing perspectives and viewpoints brings out the contours of a very different picture of Asia. RE-IMAGINING ASIA must be taken literally here: parallel to the exhibition – with works by Forouhar, Gurksy and Zhang Dali, among others – the film series attempts to revise ideas and, in so doing, to reinterpret them. And these impressions have a lasting effect. The intense images remain in our mind’s eye for quite some time afterwards.

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