Nov 06–09, 2008

Afrikamera 2008 - Best of Fespaco 2007

Migrating Identities

Film Festival
Initiated by Toucouleur e.V., under the patronage of Uschi Eid, MdB

The Festival Panafricain du Cinéma et de la Télévision de Ouagadougou is the most important film festival on the continent.

The young generation of African directors, who presented their films here last year, did not consciously experience the colonial period, but grew up or studied abroad. This ‘post-independence generation neither wants to idealise nor judge their countries’ relationship to the West, and paints a complex and differentiated picture of African realities: both in the African diaspora and in Africa itself.

AFRIKAMERA is an initiative of the association Toucouleur e.V. It regards itself as a new platform for appraising the latest developments in African cinema. AFRIKAMERA will be co-operating with the largest African film festivals from Marrakesh to Durban. For more information see:

Curator AFRIKAMERA 2008: Alex Moussa Sawadogo
Team: Koffi Kan Kra, Florian Wachinger, Uta Rügner, Susanne Sawadogo, Julia Neubauer