Apr 02–03, 2006

You Have No Choice

Music programme

The idea and title of the music programme are based on the novel "You Have No Choice" by Liu Sola, singer, composer, author and curator of this project. In this book, which attracted great attention in China, Liu Sola portrays her final-year class at the conservatory in Beijing. This class produced the most prominent composers of contemporary Chinese music. They belonged to the first generation of music students to begin studying (again) after the Cultural Revolution. Above all, theirs was the first generation to distance itself from the propaganda aesthetics of the Revolution. The students began to re-evaluate tradition and search consistently for new forms and individual languages.

In co-operation with the Ensemble Modern, the House of World Cultures is presenting nine composers from this final-year class in two evenings of chamber music, with works by Tan Dun, Guo Wenjing, Ye Xiaogang, Qu Xiaosong, Lui Sola, Chen Yi, Zhuo Long, Chen Qigang and Zhang Lida. The history and positions of these artists will be thematised in accompanying discussions.

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