Caroline Sturdy Colls

Caroline Sturdy Colls is Lecturer in Forensic Investigation and Research Lead at the Centre of Archaeology at Staffordshire University. She is also a research fellow on the Forensic Architecture project. Her research focuses on the application of interdisciplinary approaches to the investigation of Holocaust landscapes and the need for a sub-discipline of Holocaust archaeology. As part of this research she completed the first archaeological surveys of the former camps at Treblinka (Poland), the sites of the slave labor program in Alderney (the Channel Islands), and the former Semlin Judenlager and Anhaltelager (Belgrade, Serbia). Her research at Treblinka extermination camp has recently received international media attention following the broadcast of a Channel 5 television documentary, Treblinka: Inside Hitler’s Secret Death Camp, and a BBC Radio 4 documentary The Hidden Graves of the Holocaust. Caroline is also a practicing forensic archaeologist and is a full member of the UK Forensic Archaeology Expert Panel and Member of the Institute For Archaeologists.

As of March 2014