Suza Husse

Suza Husse is active within artistic and social practices of learning, research, and curating as nurtured by queer- feminist and decolonial approaches. Growing up in Dresden in the transitional era of the 1990s, she was socialized within a white, hetero-normative post-socialist environment and, as a teenager, within youth cultures and countercultures critical of the surrounding neo-liberal and neo-fascist developments. The critical cohabitation with and undoing of these influences and their historical continuities and the engagement with alternative realities remains an active part of her work. Since 2012, she has been co-shaping the art space District Berlin with an emphasis on performative and collaborative practices, interdisciplinary research, and political imagination. It is from this space that she co-curated wild recuperation. material from below: Artistic Research in the Archive of the GDR Opposition together with Elske Rosenfeld (2018) and co-initiated the acqueous mythmaking collective The Many Headed Hydra (since 2016).

As of May 2019