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On Music: Assembling a Black Counter Culture on October 7

On Music: Assembling a Black Counter Culture
With DeForrest Brown, Jr., Lakuti, Mark Ernestus
Talk, panel, concert, DJ set
October 7, 2021, 7.30pm
Restaurant Weltwirtschaft at HKW
In English
Admission 10€/8€ (reduced)
The 2G rule (vaccinated-recovered) applies for this event

On October 7, the series On Music at Haus der Kulturen der Welt takes up musician and activist DeForrest Brown, Jr.‘s call to “Make Techno Black Again.” Discursive and musical contributions explore techno’s origins and the present state of electronic music and club culture.

Make Techno Black Again. That is the unequivocal call of an initiative by DeForrest Brown, Jr. The Birmingham, Alabama-raised theorist, musician and activist dismantles the myths surrounding techno’s origins. His book Assembling a Black Counter Culture fuses the history of the music with the experiences of the Black working class in the U.S. and the migration of techno to Europe, offering a new perspective on electronic music and club culture as a whole.

At HKW, Brown will present the main arguments of his book. According to the motto „Techno at the End of the Future“, he will discuss the Detroit-Berlin axis with Lerato Khathi aka Lakuti of Uzuri Recordings and Mark Ernestus, co-founder of the Berlin record store Hard Wax, moderated by music journalist Christine Kakaire. The discussion will be followed by live music by DeForrest Brown, Jr. and DJ sets by Lakuti and Mark Ernestus.

As key gateways for techno in Europe, London and Berlin are the focus of two accompanying podcast episodes with DeForrest Brown, Jr., Steve Goodman, Nkisi, Lerato Khathi, Mark Ernestus and others in cooperation with Camden Art Centre in London.

7pm Doors open
7.30pm Book presentation: Assembling a Black Counter Culture
8.15pm Panel: Techno at the End of the Future
9.15pm Lakuti (DJ set)
10.15pm DeForrest Brown, Jr. (live)
11pm Mark Ernestus (DJ set)

Nuanced engagement with music rather than marketing-related product information; in-depth discussions, analyses and reflections instead of “thumbs up”: The HKW series wants to offer as much food for thought, inspiration and ideas as possible On Music. Among others, it raises questions about social justice, solidarity and participation in the club scene.

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