Press release, Jun 23, 2021

Public launch of Forensic Architecture’s new investigation

Digital Violence: How the NSO Group Enables State Terror

Public launch
Saturday, July 3, 2021, 7 – 9pm
Open-Air in HKW Westgarten and livestream
Free admission with tickets

until August 8, 2021
HKW Foyer
Free admission

How is spyware produced by a private company used to enable state terror? Who gets hacked and what are the consequences? What is the economic logic behind the spread of cyber-surveillance? The new investigation Digital Violence: How the NSO Group Enables State Terror by Forensic Architecture, with the support of Amnesty International, the Citizen Lab and Laura Poitras, maps for the first time the global use of malware Pegasus, made by Israeli cyber-surveillance company NSO Group.

The investigation includes a video series titled The Pegasus Stories describing the effect of digital infection on the private life and work of journalists and human right defenders and an interactive web platform featuring thousands of data points to demonstrate new connections and patterns between “digital violence” and real-world violence directed at lawyers, activists and other civil society figures. It also includes research on the private investment and corporate structure that enabled this digital surveillance to proliferate.

A hybrid event at HKW will present this new investigation in the context of the launch of the Investigative Commons, a pioneering collaboration between journalists, investigators, reporters, artists, lawyers, activists, architects and scientists, operating across multiple forums: courts, cultural institutions and media platforms.

With contributions by Wolfgang Kaleck of ECCHR, Forensic Architecture’s Christina Varvia live at HKW; per video Shourideh C. Molavi and Eyal Weizman of Forensic Architecture, investigative filmmaker Laura Poitras, human rights defenders from Mexico and Saudi Arabia who have been targeted by Pegasus, and a lawyer pursuing NSO for accountability, speakers from Amnesty International, the Citizen Lab and Edward Snowden. The event will also include a new data sonification piece composed by Brian Eno, based on the project’s data.

Another part of the discourse program will take place on October 9, 2021.

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