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The Shape of A Practice

Anthropocene Curriculum

The Shape of a Practice
Negotiating Context in the Anthropocene

Art, discourse, research
Oct 26 - Nov 30, 2020
In physical and online formats. Information in advance at

Program, in English, in part with German translation
Oct 26-31, 2020

Installation The Current
Oct 26-Nov 30, 2020

Opening, in English and German
Oct 26, 2020, 7pm

Haus der Kulturen der Welt and online at

Berlin, Oct 5, 2020

The Shape of a Practice – Research, art and activism ask about a mutual sphere of action for the Anthropocene

The geological age heralded by human impact - the Anthropocene - is usually associated with processes of change on a planetary scale. But how can those global phenomena and local perspectives be linked to enable collective action? Around 100 scholars, artists and political activists present their research, context and methodology for discussion at Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) and online in a virtual space.

Local and global processes are closely intertwined in the Anthropocene. While sea-level rise knows no national borders, people living in coastal areas do. How can such contradictions be addressed? How can diverse local research, political struggles and social practices be related to one another?

To clarify these questions, research projects from all over the world will be presented, analyzed and discussed. They range from water policy to disaster management to the colonial history of the new geological age.

In addition to the events held at HKW, a specially developed virtual environment serves as a venue for The Shape of a Practice. There, the public can access research materials, visit installations and take part in live presentations, screenings and discussions.

In addition to the program of events, the installation The Current deals with the Mississippi River as an Anthropocene landscape. Using practical approaches, it asks how agency can be established at the interfaces between environmental issues, social and health policy, racism and, not least, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Current brings together current field studies by artists, scientists and activists who examined the landscapes along the river as an example of transformations in the Anthropocene as part of the 2019 HKW project Mississippi. An Anthropocene River.

Concept and implementation: Katrin Klingan, Nick Houde, Johanna Schindler, Janek Müller, Neli Wagner, Anna Chwialkowska in collaboration with Carlina Rossée and Christoph Rosol.

With Ravi Agarwal, Babak Afrassiabi & Nasrin Tabatabai, Arthur Baer, Calum Bowden, Imani Jacqueline Brown, Felipe Castelblanco, Maya Indira Ganesh, Beate Geissler & Oliver Sann, Parrr Geng, Raphaël Grisey & Bouba Touré, Christina Gruber, Orit Halpern, Sandi Hilal, Brian Holmes, Katrin Hornek, Gilly Karjevsky & Rosario Talevi, John Kim, Spółdzielnia “Krzak,” Sarah Lewison, Sadie Luetmer, Margarida Mendes, Tahani Nadim, Huiying Ng, Abbéy Odunlami, Shahana Rajani & Zahra Malkani, Patricia Reed, Nishant Shah, Yasaman Sheri, Adania Shibli, Nikiwe Solomon, Ego Ahaiwe Sowinski, Ela Spalding, Allison Stegner, Rasmus Svensson, Temporary continent. (Jamie Allen, Louise Carver, Nina Jäger, Sarrita Hunn, James McAnally, Clémence Hallé, Benoît Verjat, Duncan Evennou, Anne-Sophie Milon), Simon Turner, Monique Verdin and many others

The long-term project Anthropocene Curriculum:
Since 2013 HKW has been investigating how the critical planetary transformations of the Anthropocene can be understood, experienced and shaped. In a multitude of exhibitions, installations, conferences, workshops, performances and publications, HKW has explored the cultural, socio-economic and political implications of the Anthropocene. Within the framework of the long-term project Anthropocene Curriculum, new methods of transdisciplinary and collaborative knowledge production that meet the challenges of the Anthropocene are continuously being tested.

The Shape of a Practice is part of the Anthropocene Curriculum in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin. The Shape of a Practice is funded by the Federal Foreign Office. The Current is supported by the initiative #Wunderbar Together. Haus der Kulturen der Welt is supported by the Minister of State for Culture and the Media as well as by the Federal Foreign Office.

More information about The Shape of a Practice can be found at

In preparation for the event, a growing collection of articles and methodological approaches by the Anthropocene Curriculum Community are available at

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