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On Music #2: Politics of the Dance Floor

On Music | The New Alphabet

Thu, Apr 2, 2020, 8pm
Weltwirtschaft @HKW

What is the relationship between rave and resistance? Can raving be a form of “pleasure activism”
(Adrienne Maree Brown, 2019)? What does social justice look like on and off the dance floor? After the first edition discussed new formats of mediation based on the new Norient platform, On Music #2 sets its sights “on the dance floor.”
What are new formats for discussing contemporary culture? And what do music and sound say about the global present? That’s what the new HKW series On Music asks with discussions, live music, and dj-sets every first Thursday of the month at Weltwirtschaft@HKW since March 2020.

Even if the practice and consumption of music increasingly take place online, music still stands for an immediate, shared experience. However, when escapism and profit making prevail in club culture, the importance of the dance floor as a fundamentally political place is overlooked. Nevertheless, in the urban centers around the world, various actors are working on designing this place week after week and imagining it over and over again.

Music producer and co-founder of Underground Resistance, Mike Banks, producer, DJ and promoter Phatstoki, DJ and radio host Eugenia Seriakov from the Sound System Culture collective and the scholar Larisa Kingston Mann aka DJ Ripley will talk with moderator and DJ Samira Bin Sharifu about their experiences in the underground club and music scene and the possibilities for making a difference in their communities. Where does the music come from and who actually has access to the dance floor? How can strategies for sustainable networking emerge? What does a global community of actors and locations from the club scene look like if they mutually support one another and together meet and counteract the political challenges of our time? What difficulties do they meet? How are experiences in Detroit and New York, Berlin and Johannesburg connected, even though the realities of life are so different?

The discussion will be followed by music: Sarah Farina, DJ and producer, will play a set with the panel guests’ favorite tunes. Phatstoki, part of Johannesburg’s Pussy Party Team, will close the evening with sounds that break through genre boundaries.

Panel: Mike Banks (Underground Resistance), Larisa Kingston Mann (Dutty Artz/HEAVY), Phatstoki (Pussy Party Team), Eugenia Seriakov (Sound System Culture), Moderator: Samira Bin Sharifu

DJ sets: Sarah Farina, Phatstoki

Curated by Sarah Farina and Kerstin Meißner

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