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11th Internationaler Literaturpreis: Announcement of the Shortlist

Internationaler Literaturpreis 2019

Announcement of the 2019 shortlist live and on location:
Monday, May 6, 6pm at the ocelot bookstore, Brunnenstraße 181, 10119 Berlin

Awards ceremony:
Tuesday, June 18, starting at 7pm, on the HKW roof terrace, with a keynote by Teju Cole

The jury of the Internationaler Literaturpreis nominated six books, their authors and translators to the shortlist of the 11th Internationaler Literaturpreis. This evening, Monday, May 6, 2019, at 6pm, the shortlisted titles will be announced live at the ocelot bookstore in Berlin Mitte. The event is open to the public, admission is free.
We congratulate the shortlisted authors and translators!

The 2019 Shortlist
Hélène Cixous
Meine Homère ist tot ...
(Homère est morte ...)
Translated from French by Claudia Simma
Passagen Verlag, 2019

Zoltán Danyi
Der Kadaverräumer
(A dögeltakarító)
Translated from Hungarian by Terézia Mora
Suhrkamp Verlag, 2018

Ariana Harwicz
Stirb doch, Liebling
Matate, amor
Translated from Argentine Spanish by Dagmar Ploetz
C.H. Beck, 2019

Fernanda Melchor
Saison der Wirbelstürme
(Temporada de huracanes)
Translated from Mexican Spanish by Angelica Ammar
Verlag Klaus Wagenbach, 2019

Gerald Murnane
(Border Districts)
Translated from English by Rainer G. Schmidt
Suhrkamp Verlag, 2018

Yishai Sarid
(Mifletzet HaSikaron)
Translated from Hebrew by Ruth Achlama
Kein & Aber, 2019

The jury statement
These six books lead us far afield, from the Mexican countryside, the Australian border districts and the Serbia of the Yugoslav War and the present day to Israel and Poland’s Holocaust memorial sites. And they lead us into the innermost regions of the human soul, to the dungeons of memory and the liminal realm where dying passes into death and finally into emptiness. There is little to laugh at in these books, whose authors were born between 1937 and 1982, but none of them is resigned to its fate: targeted anger, black humour and introspection oriented beyond the self all act as sources of empowerment. These six books are thus, each in its own way, also inspiring tributes to the enduring power of literature.

The 2019 jury members are Robin Detje, Jens Hillje, Tobias Lehmkuhl, Verena Lueken, Daniel Medin, Elisabeth Ruge and Daniela Seel.

Shared Readings at the Amerika-Gedenkbibliothek
Shared Readings of the shortlisted books will be held at the Amerika-Gedenkbibliothek starting on May 12, every Sunday (except Jun 9): In collective readings, people can gain their own interpretations of books nominated for the 2019 Internationaler Literaturpreis, share their associations and translate the intimacy of reading into the social space – informally and without preparation.

Award ceremony on June 18
On June 18, 2019, the awardees of this year’s Internationaler Literaturpreis will be announced and celebrated on the roof terrace at HKW. The evening’s keynote will be held by the writer, art historian and photographer Teju Cole, whose novel Open City won the Internationaler Literaturpreis in 2013.

The Internationaler Literaturpreis has been awarded annually since 2009 by Haus der Kulturen der Welt and Stiftung Elementarteilchen. Endowed with €35,000 (€20,000 for the author and €15,000 for the translator) it honors an outstanding work of contemporary international literature that has been translated into German for the first time.

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