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Thu 12.05.2022


Lectures and workshops
New Alphabet School
confusions. How can feral spirituality be practiced when connections to certain traditions have been lost

Publication: Bibliothek 100 Jahre Gegenwart

, spirituality, technology and culture that characterize both the present and and the future. They thereby

Contributors: Corinna Fiora

anthropology, she is inspired by spirituality to commit to ecological, social and political challenges

Publication: The Word for World is Still Forest

shaman Abel Rodríguez also shares Indigenous worldviews and spirituality by relaying an oral narrative of

Fri 5.02.2021
4 pm–9 pm

#Healing (Faju): Workshops

New Alphabet School
. In this teach-in on ancestral altars which draws from Kongo spirituality and its culture (“bukongo

Thu 4.02.2021
5:30 pm–11 pm

#Healing (Faju)

Online program: Curatorial introduction, lecture, video screening, sound marathon
New Alphabet School
-being? The lens will be on sacredness, spirituality, connection with the land and the ancestors, with

Sat 6.07.2019
10 pm

Daughters of the Dust

Wassermusik: Black Atlantic Revisited
, Christianity versus spirituality, good versus evil memories. Film Open-air on the roof terrace. If poor weather

Sat 27.07.2019
10 pm

Made in Jamaica

Wassermusik: Black Atlantic Revisited
about hope and despair, about slavery and liberation, about sex, love and Rastafarian spirituality. This

Love and Ethnology: Curatorial Statement

West Africa, in particular the Bight of Benin, not just as the origin of a rich culture of spirituality

Love and Ethnology: Curatorial Statement

West Africa, in particular the Bight of Benin, not just as the origin of a rich culture of spirituality

Sat 19.10.2019
2 pm

Conference: Love and Ethnology

Love and Ethnology
, spirituality has always been implicated in the cultural and political stances of resistance. Against the grain

Sat 16.07.2016
7 pm

Jacques Schwarz-Bart: Jazz Racine Haïti | Bituin

Concerts, film
Wassermusik: The Other Caribbean
spirituality. His current project is also shaped by a love of Antillean mysticism: Jazz Racine Haïti fuses

Sat 1.07.2017
6 pm

Yin Ker: Neither Nor: An Interpretation of Bagyi Aung Soe’s Art, Practice & Location

“Misfits”: Pages from a loose-leaf modernity
exotericism, science and spirituality, the local and the international. Not simplistically one or the other (...)
binaries: tradition and modernity, esotericism and exotericism, science and spirituality, the local and the

Sat 22.04.2017
7 pm

The Life of Particles

2 or 3 Tigers
contemporary situation of Japan and the relation between subjectivity, animist spirituality and modern

Art Without Death: Russian Cosmism

immortality and resurrection, as well as travel to outer space. It developed out of the spirituality of (...)

Sat 16.09.2017
7:30 pm–10 pm

Animate Tracks

Why Are We Here Now?
the widespread belief that water is a symbol of spirituality, and its metamorphosis from liquid to

Sat 11.10.2008
2 pm

African Cinema, Post-colonialism and the aesthetic strategies of representation

African Screens - New Cinemas from Africa
, transnational themes, complex subjectivities and the return to totemic objects and spirituality are the central

Mon 13.02.2012

Maori Boy Genius

Generation 14plus
Berlinale at the HKW 2012
gains a sense of the power of this spirituality when Ngaa Rauuria performs the ritualistic Maori war

About Beauty

example, topics such as "Ethics and Spirituality", "The Sensual City", "The Perfect Human Being", and

2 or 3Tigers

resistance, valor, and nationalistic spirituality by the colonized people. Taxidermy of Time: Tigers as the