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Sun 27.11.2011

Kiss of the Spider Woman (O Beijo da Mulher Aranha)

Feature film
Première Brasil 2011
1970, he moved to Brazil, where his fascination for Brazilian cinema prompted him to become a filmmaker

Thu 2.05.2013

Korean Cinema Today - Opening

Korean Cinema Today 2013
program for young filmmakers. DJ Hunee (*1980) moved to Berlin in 2000 and studied Musicology and

Thu 10.07.2008

Jon Kessler: The Drunken Boat # 2

Wassermusik: Surf, Sailor Songs and Tiki
The rudders are moved by water raining through the boat’s perforated hull. A stuffed duck both

Fri 30.11.2012

House Nation South Africa

Worldtronics 2012
successes with the independent labels Soulcandi and House Afrika, this young DJ and producer quickly moved

Wed 12.04.2006

Sheng Keyi (Guangzhou/China) and Guo Xiaolu (London/UK)

China – Between Past and Future
Shenzhen in the north east of China until she moved to Beijing in 2002. Qian Xiaohong, the heroine of her

Sat 18.06.2005

John Zorn's Painkiller

noise. With Painkiller, John Zorn has moved further away than ever before from traditional hearing

Mon 14.02.2011

Shortfilms 2 Generation 14plus

Generation 14plus
Berlinale at the HKW 2011
just moved in. The two Tords begin spending time together. Blocks D: Marialy Rivas Chile, 2010

Tue 25.04.2006

Yu Hua (Beijing/China)

China – Between Past and Future
1967 with the story "Wie Schall und Rauch", Yu Hua moved to Beijing. In the late 1980s early 1990s, he

Wed 9.05.2012

Polyglotteries # 2 - Translating Politics

Readings, Talks
International Literature Award - Haus der Kulturen der Welt 2012
Air Force before embarking on a career as a journalist. In the 1990s he moved to London. There he

Sat 22.10.2011

Farewell to Almanya?

Panel discussion
Almanya hier, Almanya da
Mersin (Turkey). She moved to West Berlin in 1969. She studied journalism and theater sciences from 1978

Thu 18.10.2007

The Dynamic of the City - Fragmentation and Concentration

New York
University in New York City. He was born in Berlin in 1928 and moved to New York with his parents (Herbert

Sat 8.11.2008

Rational / Irrational

Rational / Irrational
Academy in 1962. Four years later she left the art academy and moved from Germany to New York. Her work

Sun 22.02.2009

Jorge Volpi reads from "Ashes of Time"

Book launch
1989 – Global Histories
1995, he moved to the Humboldt University in Berlin and became Chair of the Romance Literature

Sat 1.04.2006

Alai (Chengdu/China)

China – Between Past and Future
in the journal "Tibetische Literatur" in the early 1980s. Later, Alai moved to Chengu, where he was

Sun 22.02.2009

The Wall Fell on our Head

1989 – Global Histories
moved to Berlin, where he worked as a language facilitator for a group of Vietnamese contract workers of

Wed 30.01.2008

film & video: CP01 When you're strange

transmediale.08: CONSPIRE...
explosions in Beirut. Since they moved from Iraq, until their departure from Syria, are the Arameans who hold

Fri 21.01.2011

Germany's Muslims and European Islam

Lectures and Discussions
Germany's Muslims and European Islam
publications: 'Mihriban is Mad at God' (2010) and 'Country Life. From Someone Who Moved Out' (forthcoming).

Mon 17.10.2005

35 mm Persia

35 mm Persia
moved to a different place but also to a different time. Driven by the yearning for distant places and

Sat 14.05.2005

The re-turn of beauty II

About Beauty
the new beauty specific to a global informational society? If we have moved from modernism to