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100 Years of Now, Contributor: Helge Jordheim

eighteenth century. Since then he has moved into the field of conceptual history, exploring concepts like

New Experts!

Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design in Aleppo and moved to Germany in 2014 to continue her Master’s degree


exploded above ground and the winds ever since then have moved anthropogenic radioactivity around the world

The Outside

seem irrelevant. A large “we” moved into sight, while the outside behind it disappeared. And yet, the


were introduced, specialists born. Proofs, evidence, and matter moved to the center of interest


terrain. The surveying of the world. Along with the sun, science moved to the center of thought with the

Fernanda Melchor | Angelica Ammar: Saison der Wirbelstürme

. She moved to Barcelona in 2007. Her debut novel Tolmedo was awarded the Jürgen-Ponto-Stiftung

Biographies 2016

forest of Veracruz and spent her adolescence in Paris. In 2001, she moved to Mexico City and discovered

Hamed Abboud | Larissa Bender: Der Tod backt einen Geburtstagskuchen

fled from Syria and initially worked as a journalist in Egypt. Via Dubai and Turkey he moved to Austria

Publication: Dogma + Realism Working Group: Communal Villa. Production and Reproduction in Artists’ Housing

cultural workers moved to the German capital—not least because of the abundance of space—and turned it into

The Participants

University, where she recently moved after 15 years as Professor of History and Science Studies at the

Dany Laferrière: Das Rätsel der Rückkehr

About the author Dany Laferrière, born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 1953, who moved to Montreal

Rox Lee

in the family’s general store. After general studies at Ateneo de Naga University, he moved to Manila

1956: The "Hall of Congresses" and INTERBAU versus Stalinallee

Things moved very quickly. It took only about eighteen months – from the initial idea to the

The Potosí Principle: Biographies of Artists, Curators and Correspondents

University, Gutiérrez moved to Berlin, participating in the art movement in East Berlin. With a Fulbright

Jury of 2014

-founded the Ammann Verlag in Zurich. After the publishing house closed in 2011, he moved to Berlin, where

Jury of 2013

-founded the Ammann Verlag in Zurich. After the publishing house closed in 2011, he moved to Berlin, where

Jury of 2012

moved to Berlin, where he continues to publish works by various authors, among them Fernando Pessoa.

The Site and its History

than ten years since the Wall fell. In this time, the House of World Cultures has moved from its once