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Gallery – 10 pictures

1948 Unbound

Research, theory, art Nov 30–Dec 2, 2017

Video – 0:41:38

A Million Random Digits

With Nahum, Josh Berson, Seth Bullock, Helena Shomar English original version Conversation, Dec 2, 2017

Audio – 0:35:00

Oil Man: Dark Matter, Oil-Anthropology, Petroculture Without Oil? (German)

With Dieter Hiller, Stephanie LeMenager, Jens Soentgen & Oxana Timofeevan; moderated by Alexander Klose & Benjamin Steininger German translation Diskussion, Dec 1, 2017

Audio – 0:33:32

Dieter Hiller: Las Piedras: Technosphere as Frontier, Industrial Knowledge, Concepts of Environment

Dieter Hiller in discussion with Alexander Klose & Benjamin Steininger Narrator: Priya Basil English translation Dec 1, 2017