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Video – 0:52:33

How to Narrate War? Images and Counter-images

Talk with Peter Geimer, Marcel Mettelsiefen und Valentin Groebner

Video – 0:59:57

What Does Reporting Cost?

Talk with Marcel Mettelsiefen, Kattrin Lempp und Michael Kamber. Host: Valentin Groebner

Video – 1:26:53

Bearing Witness

Talk with Ulrich C. Baer (Professor of German and Comparative Literature, New York), Philip Gourevitch (journalist, author, editor), Liao Yiwu (Chinese author, reporter, musician and poet) and Carolin Emcke (curator)

Video – 1:54:11

Who decides?

Panel with Carroll Bogert, Klaus Reinhardt, Jon Lee Anderson. Moderation: Carolin Emcke